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Friday, September 11, 2015

Dating and being with the partner you want -- how to spot fake dates from the real deal!

How do you know if "they are really into you".  Dating advise from the woman who got the one she wanted and he chased me until I let him catch me!

It does not matter who you are interested in.  Everyone likes to feel emotionally connected with a partner.  With social media dating, or introductions to possible future "I DO" candidates, how do you spot the fake date from the real deal, or do you want to?

There is a point in many people's lives that they like the chase and the feeling of the "kiss before the kiss".  Relationships can be fickle.  In some cites like New York City and Los Angeles, people play longer before they commit to marriage, or a relationship with a major other human individual.  Yes, many who can't have relationships with humans do have them (we are not talking sexual, so please, don't get confused) with their pets.  Pets love you no matter what!  You feed them, and sometimes walk them, and you both know the scoop.

So here is my dating scoop on how to spot a connection-- after you meet them and if their B.S. (Texas word for Bull Shit) is real or actually skinking bad.

If they (we are talking men to women) say, the words honey, baby, sweetie, babe, forget them. They throw those words out too freely.  Unless you want to be freely not appreciated.

If the woman does not look you in the eyes (woman to man or woman to woman) and they look away from you while you talk, use their cell phone, have to bring another girlfriend always with you-- they are not into you.

If the person is nervous and is folding and squeezing their hands and playing with their hair, that means, they are just nervous!  If you like them, hold their hand for a moment. . . a moment!

When they want to talk only about their selves, the best you can do is listen and see if that self they are talking about is interesting, or is merely an ego needing a huge stroke.  Decide worth it or not worth it?

If you like anything about the other person (their eyes, the way they dressed, a book they read, their fragrance) don't hesitate to tell them.  They may feel you are not nice if you don't address the obvious, even if you like their roaring great laugh!

When they are into you, don't worry if you don't hear from them for a day, not even if you think they should text a minimum. Some people are very shy, busy or don't know how great you are.  If three days pass, they are not interested in you.  Move on!  If they call you two weeks later, don't ask questions, like "duh, where have you been", be perky, short on conversation and see if they want to meet you again.  Keep texts and conversations short, so they want to know you in person.  If they don't make a plan at that point (and just called to string you along somehow) cross them off your list and move on!

If you have any questions about dating, please leave me a response.  My advise works no matter what type of person we are dealing with.  Please be aware of the person who does not make any eye contact.  You can not trust someone who does not look you in the eyes!

That is my realationship advise, from your psychic silhouette artist and guru of life, love, and relationships, Cindi Cinderella Rose.  Here is me and my cute bald husband,, and life partner!
Father of our two children, and soul-mate from Colorado.