Famous silhouette artist Cindi carves paper profile heirlooms

Famous silhouette artist Cindi carves paper profile heirlooms
Wedding silhouette entertainment!

Monday, September 24, 2018

DC, Dallas, Delaware, Detroit, Denver, Silhouette artist Cindi is in high DEMAND

DC, Virginia, Philly, New England, Dallas silhouette snip artist, Cindi Harwood Rose, gives SHADE 

DC Distinguished, the palatial presented purposely. . . 

Once called Shades, the ever-popular silhouette rendering of a form or contour, can be done
in 50 shades of face-ons. However, when done properly, as seen at a recent DC wedding by
Cindi Harwood Rose, it goes deep into your outside and inside, in her intricate art cut-outs.

The Queen of silhouettes in the award winning, documentary, "Silhouette Secrets",
 Cutting a silhouette from a person, in a few minutes, freehand, without a sketch is exciting to watch.
Astute silhouettes are done with an insightful eye, skilled hand, and intuitive mind. 
 Beautiful silhouettes are also seen at the Lightner Museum in Augustine, Florida, by  silhouettest, Jeanie Owen. Silhouette artist Cindi Rose hand-cuts profiles in an itinerant way, to have strong public outreach, adding performance to her artworks.
 Cindi Rose silhouette philosophy is based on the principles of gift exchange discussed in Lewis Hyde's seminal work, the Gift.  Some artists will do silhouette profiles from pictures and by mail-order including Tim Arnold and Kathryn Flocken, who have mastered the art intricately. The all black silhouette, often seen in England and France is quicker to cut and mount at parties, it is less delicate. Often, it creates a very bold statement and a buzz of fun. European artists like to move around at parties, and not sit from one table, cutting faces.
Cindi's sister, Holly Harwood also hand-cut silhouettes at Disney World, and other charming events. She battled stage 4 cancer, and in her honor Cindi formed a non-profit The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation for children and adult cancers and their families. 
 Artist, Clay Rice, has heart warming cut-paper books, with lyrics and music he performs  nationwide. A silhouette artist at a private store can help retail stay alive, especially if they have the store ring up sales, and they offer a percent of earnings back to the store. Most silhouette artists offer retail operations and schools 15 to 25 percent of sales. Cindi says she tries to help private business stay alive by offering her live performance silhouette portraits, for them to profit from. She works a room in the European style, and also will dress in period attire, for Hamilton-style events. 

At weddings, Cindi's silhouettes take the cake.  

 Cindi often silhouettes at corporate and fashion events as donations to hospital arts for cancer children. Google,  Dell, and Microsoft have had Cindi scissors cut portraits live at conferences.
To cut a real likeness from merely looking, is a talent. Cindi has snipped portraits in silhouette over 35 years!  The example below are some of Cindi Rose's own children, hand-cut by her 28 year's ago. www.http://silhouettesforsurvivors.org 

The "lost art" method of silhouette arts includes examining a person's contour, as a line drawing, and using the interior of scissors to carve a likeness, on-the-spot, without a prior sketch. In the photo below, in the Charlottesville, Va., home of Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, Cindi Harwood hand-cuts silhouettes at the world heritage museum, research institute, and presidential library, a private, non-profit organization. www.http://www.hollyroseribbon.org A popular house tour of the Monticello mansion now includes the cabin of John and Priscilla Hemings, who were enslaved, on MulberryRow. Gabriella Demczuk and Farah Stockman wrote a striking story about the new exhibit, featuring the "open secret" dedicated to Sally Hemings, who bore the founding father's children at the palatial plantation. 

 Cindi Harwood Rose has silhouetted for the Sarah and James Polk Museum, outside Nashville,  to raise money for historical heritage as a fundraiser, several times.  When asked where Cindi is based, she explains that a silhouette artist is not always based.  She finds her bookings to be anywhere on the globe.  This past 12 months she has silhouetted in Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, San Diego, Austin, Dallas, Miami, Philadelphia, Boston, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, DC, Reston, San Antonio, Houston, Salt Lake City, New Orleans, Beaumont, Los Angeles, Sunnyvale, New Jersey, Aspen, Charleston, Denver, Boulder, Sedona, San Jose, Augusta,  Phoenix, Cleveland, Mountain View, Toronto, Bonita Springs, Memphis, Nashville, and many other cities. Her passion includes all art forms and is fondest of oil painting.  Here, Cindi has hand-cut a popular Asian style paper-cut, normally done with a blade.
 She supports all paper cutting arts through not-for-profit Guild of American Papercutters, or GAP, which incorporates hand-cut paper arts from cultures around the world.  They can be joined for a small donation. You can easily Google their comprehensive website. 
 Silhouettists or Shade artists should be able to travel to offer the art to many people, and for a multitude of occasions.  Thus, Ms. Cindi is seen carving lovely profiles in paper, by hand, world-wide.  
Her booking calendar, included a 29 city tour for Hermes Fragrance in the world's best department stores from the North Coast to the West Coast, to the East and South Coasts, to department stores, museums, private parties, corporate events, fundraisers, and charity events.  She laughs and says, "Have scissors, will travel."

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The World's Most Famous Silhouette Artist

Five ways to ace an interview

1. Make sure you are qualified! Show up 10 minutes early, with three resumes printed on good linen paper on hand.

2. Let them talk first.  Listen and answer their questions.  It is your interview too, ask questions such as where do you see your company going in the next five years, do not ask about your vacations, and time-off!

3. Be clean, and dress smart.  You don't have to look wealthy, but please, have clean fingernails (unless your want to be a car mechanic), clean orderly clothes, and washed hair. Sit with your hands on your laps, and don't let them fly around or play with your hair as you speak.

4. Be confident.  Let them know you work hard and are easy to get along with.  People want team players.  Do not talk, politics or religion.  Unless, you are being hired by a political group or a religious group!

5. Thanks them for the interview.  If they like you, they normally have someone else meet you that day, if it is a large office and they tell you when they will be in touch with you again.

It's that easy!  Most important, be confident of your skills, talents, and what you can bring to them, that they need, how you can make their business better, and smarter.  silhouettesbycindi.com

Famous silhouette art, famed silhouette artists, famous silhouettes, artsy silhouette talk, cutting-up with you!

Cindi snips this flower-girl's portrait in 30 seconds freehand, without a camera or light,  or pre-sketch
It's music to our ears to see the signed famous Liberace Cindi Silhouette from DisneyWorld
Liberace silhouette by DisneyWorld artist, Cindi Harwood  and to note the old-fashioned  Beatrix Sherman style  contemporary silhouette
Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most famous silhouette artist of them all? Kara Walker,Auguste Edouart, Lotte Reiniger, Cindi Harwood, Olly Moss!  This question of who is the most famous silhouette artist living, having lived, easily is Augustin Edouart. He was born in Dunkerque, and left France in 1814, to London, where he began making profiles and front-view portraits with real hair. In 1825 Augustin began cutting full length profiles in silhouette, cutting out black paper with scissors. In those days, scissors were not as developed as they are now, so the skill of the silhouette artist is not by the tools, it is by his/her talent. The paper was made black normally with "soot"and it was easier to cut a profile if one side of the paper was white. In 1829 he arrived in Edinburgh for several years and produced 5,000 silhouettes keeping an extra copy of each, and making notes about the subject he hand-cut on paper. You can see his collection in the National Portrait Gallery, and read more about him on He later moved to the USA, and sadly, lost most of his work in a ship wreck. His silhouettes of several people can fetch $30,000. Modern-day silhouette artist expert, Cindi,is the only silhouette artist who has the vintage French silhouette paper in her possession for higher commissions. She uses her art to donate to charities. silhouettesbycindi.com
Snow White, by Olly Moss, Mirror Mirror on the wall-- you are the fairest of them all!
Another famous silhouette artist is Olly Moss, does Comic Con silhouettes and is the author of a book. His work sells out in minutes with a long line waiting to buy his cool works. Sadly, other silhouette artists, copy his work claiming it is their "Olly" version, only if asked. Olly,ollymoss.com has modernized silhouette artwork to the movie and comic-con fans, he uses sketches, careful thoughts, and the exacto knife.   Kara Walker's work are also similar in a more modern dialogue than Charles Dickens cut-out artworks.https://dickens.ucsc.edu.resources She has been recognized one of the world's most famous silhouette artists, winning millions of dollars for her raw intersection of gender, sexuality and race, with iconic silhouetted features. She changed the art, however, by not using traditional silhouette paper and creating a theatrical arena in art museums making one realize the "push and pull" of life. Everyone who loves animation, knows Lotte Reiniger used silhouettes to create animation, and Walt Disney was inspired by her for his first cartoons. Rob Ryan is a British visual artist who uses the Papercutting (see Guild of American Papercutters sites) with the exacto blades to do incredible scenes similar to the Polish, German, Swiss arts. While his work is done normally from patterns he drew and cut out, in the folk-art way, it has been featured in Vogue, Elle, and Stylist. You can easily donate to The Guild of Papercutters and read about many paper cutting artists who work in that fashion. Silhouettes Cindi Rae Harwood Rose is the most famous living portrait silhouette artist, hollyroseribbon.org
Modern-style Auguste Edouart by Cindi Rose of an engaged couple for their wedding decor
having started drawing as a child painting portraits and cutting Polish and Swiss paper-cuts, it was a natural for Disneyland to see her work and hire her as a teen to be their leading silhouette and portrait artist in both of their USA parks. Beatrix Sherman silhouettes in full figure and bust, are very similar to the works of Auguste Edouart. Although to the eye, the body is not in proportion, it depicts what the clothing were in that era. She lived a flourishing life in Palm Beach, Florida, mingling with the wealthy and traveling for her silhouette bookings. She originated the name, "Silhouettist." She was born Beatrice, and later changed the spelling of her name. Other known silhouette artists are Isabella Beetham, and Marietta Leslie Cotton. silhouettesforsurvivors.org
Kara Walker, she Sees the unspeakable, read the book by Gwendolyn Dubois Shaw!

Cindi Harwood Rose, The World's Famous Silhouette Artist Expert

World Famous Silhouette Artist Cindi creates lasting keepsakes

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something black and white? Famous myths often change with time, and what is black and white can be colorful too. Tradition has the history of the art of silhouette portraits hand-cut from black paper, and mounted on white. Famed, modern silhouette artist, Cindi Harwood Rose, often adds color to her paper profiles at events. The world famous psychiatrist and scientist, Lavatar, knew that a silhouette artist who is a fine artist, and observer of life, can see personality, in features and in body language. At outstanding parties and events, such as weddings and corporate gatherings, it is a modern and vintage approach to have the best silhouette artist cut every guest's portrait for party favor.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Toy and Gift Stores thrive with Silhouettes by Cindi

Toys R US, closed due to no in-store marketing.  However, many gift stores, children's stores, 
toy stores, private pharmacy/stores, are realizing that to get traffic they must have a special event.
Cindi Rose is one of the only silhouette artists in the world that will not allow people to send in mail-order silhouettes.  She likes to impact lives and entertain people as she cuts portraits, an art she 
taught herself, as a teen while working in an amusement park.  www.http://silhouettesbycindi.com

After working for Six Flags Over Texas, Astroworld, DisneyLand, Disney World, and finishing college by 21, Cindi realized that she could also do her artwork for many causes and in many areas.

She learned the best people skills at the Disney Theme Park schools required to work in the park.  That, combined with her honors degree from University of Texas, Austin in communications and marketing, as well as Fine Arts, make Cindi a fit in any business, understanding that you need her to perk up your sales. She generously gives all schools, stores, non-profits, a percent of sales, and the sales increase as well.www.http://silhouettesforsurvivors.org

Many fine department stores have had Cindi there for the fragrance houses, as they also have other artists, some painting perfume-bottles for those who make a good purchase.  It is wise for merchandisers to even in-list costumed characters and to promote that, authors, chefs, designers, and to also benefit local charity.  When retailers, have special events and promote them through the many websites, bloggers, their email lists, local area publications, they will see their sales increase, and people will enjoy the experience of shopping in person, and not, on-line.  

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Atlanta, Memphis, and Nashville Adores Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose

For years, Silhouette artist, Cindi Harwood Rose, www.http://www.silhouettesbycindi.com has been hired for corporate business conventions, beautiful weddings,
charming children's stores, and for fundraisers in some of the South's favorite cites, like Atlanta, Memphis, Charleston, and Nashville.  Her work has varied from beautiful plantation estate weddings, to children's hospitalswww.http://www.hollyroseribbon.org such as St. Luke's, to school fundraisers, such as Emory University where both her children attended in Atlanta, Georgia.  Cindi's work is rare, as it is insightful and detailed.  She began her career with Disneyland as a teen, doing portraits and silhouettes for them at various parks, including California and Florida.www.http://silhouettesforsurvivors.org Her roots are not Southern, she is from the Southwest, and feels more international, as her work takes her around the world.  Have scissors, will travel is her motto.  Cindi is always ready for a theme. You can see her work on cindi.silhouette  on instagram, where she can dress historical, NY city slick, fashionista, steam-punk Victoriana, classic, society, cowgirl chic, sophisticate, or Victorian.  Regardless, of any theme, Cindi will wear a smile. Silhouettes are her game, and Cindi is her name.  Children's and toy stores, historic Presidential homes have found Cindi to help their store sales and their causes. Google has found that Cindi increase employee and client morale, as her work is empowering, and her personality magnetic and positive.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

DC's favorite silhouette artist goes historic in Old Town Charleston

Washington DC has always loved silhouettes since Augustin Edouart from France came to the USA.  The historic district of Charleston, South Carolina, Virginia's Monticello, The New York Museum of Art, are lovely venues where Cindi's authentic works were produced on the spot.  People leave with them.  She can cut mount 30 or more silhouettes per hour.  She is the world's only silhouette artist who worked for both Disneyland and Disney World, as a portrait and silhouette artist and besides her 2 college degrees, in art and journalism, she has the degree from The University of Disney, in people skills. USA, Canada, American silhouette artist, Cindi travels to Europe for bookings too! World's top silhouette artist Cindi Rose

At many events, this BRAVO TV star will do 2 silhouettes of each person, one for a guest book, and one for each guest.  Cindi Rose's silhouettes are a cut above the rest!  She is the associate producer of the historical documentary that won 14 international and national awards on the history of silhouettes, past and present. In the documentary, it showed that speed does matter for a smoother cut.  Google googles Cindi and hires her at meetings in Canada, MountainView, Seattle, Freemont, Beaver Creek, and is negotiating India.  
She is often hired at museums as a curator, and for family days!  

USA Silhouette Artist ,Cindi Rose,is America's most detailed and flattering silhouette artist!

Hire USA's renown silhouette Cindi to have a cherished wedding in America's DC, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, Vegas, Chicago, Austin,  NYC,Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, Orlando, and Denver.

Have scissors will travel is the motto of award winning tired generation silhouette artist, Cindi Rose, who is in demand globally.  Her intricate portrait profiles cut by hand, began at Disneyland and Disneyworld after she was first hired as a teen to draw and paint portraits in the park.  This skill came from generations of artists who could do portraits, paper-cutting, and architecture.  At 16, Cindi discovered the art, and with her first try, she got the job as "The Silhouette Artist" for a Six Flagg's amusement park in the Dallas/Houston/San Antonio area, owned by Disney's Jess Rubio. He was so impressed with there production and people skills he made it a point to send Cindi to DisneyLand during the Christmas holidays and a week each summer, to allow their one silhouette artist to get a vacation.  Now her work is globally, for Google, Dell, CVS, law firms, fashion homes like Hermes, Fashion weeks in Milan, and the academy awards.  She is popular as a silhouette artist to raise fund for schools, and to get people to purchase in retail outlets.  Her magnetic personality makes everyone feel great.  At weddings in Nashville, Memphis, Austin, Atlanta, Dallas, New York City, Brooklyn, Seattle, San Francisco. . . she does 2 silhouettes, one for each guest and one for a guest book.  See her work on Cindi.silhouette  on instagram, and follow her as SilhouettesbyCindi Silhouette arts on Facebook.  Get sales in your retail outlet and profit!

Monday, January 8, 2018


Wedding Silhouette Artist Cindi is Popular world-wide Have a special wedding coming up? SilhouettesforSurvivors.org
can get you a great silhouette artist in any country in the globe! Check out Silhouette artist cidi.silhouette on instagram