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Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire
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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ten ways to gain friends

1. Think of others, not yourself, ask how they are, and don't spend too much time talking about yourself.

2. Never upstage your friends, they may be jealous of you. Always be authentic, who wants fake friends anyway.

3. Write real thank-you notes for anything that another may have done.  If the note is  home-made it is better, you can buy cute scrapbook items and personalize the note!

4. Be there when people need you.  If the friend is sick, bring food and ask what they eat, or offer to run errands for them.  Pitch in on their special occasions. At the least, send an e-mail, you are thinking of them.

5. Never let them borrow anything.  That creates un-real boundaries, and they will fill that they need to use you.  Explain that it is a rule of yours not to borrow (except for the wedding by tradition or from a family member) as you may ruin it or they may not return it. If you visit them, bring a gift, help buy gas, groceries, or take the to dinner.  Try not to over-stay your welcome, unless you are the "baby-sitter".  In that case, are they using you?

6. Do "you validaton" think of their best qualities and compliment them for them.  Do this to yourself, too. 

7. Invite them out for lunch or coffee, or better yet, a meal at your home.

8. Don't tell their secrets to anyone, be careful about telling your secrets to them.

9. Stay upbeat but listen and emphasize with their journey.  Often a good friend needs a "bitch body buddy" someone to complain to.  If they do too much of that, you may want to rethink them, are they addicted to distress? What can fix them?  Offer prayer and spirituality.

10. If they hurt your feelings explain in an honest way that you like them, but not the way it appeared that they acted, that it made you feel awkward, and hurt your feelings.


A true friend is a jewel, and will sparkle when it is clean.

How to attract the perfect mate

How to attract the perfect soul-mate, by someone who did!

Make your checklist and be specific.
Remember you want someone kind, honest, and caring.
You don't want someone already married.
You normally want someone dependable.
You want someone who will not mind if you gain 10 pounds or lose 10 pounds.
You want someone who will hold a job, and be dependable, if you want a family.
You do want someone with equal interests.
To attract them, show energy, shining in your eyes.
Try to be fit and slim.
Go to unique seminars, healthy grocery stores and Starbucks to work.
Never have too many friends around, that scares people.
Look busy, like you are writing a book, or sketching.
Meet people at the guy, working out at 6 a.m. or 6 p.m.
Go to book stores.
Take classes on Jung, or photography, or take cooking lessons.
Dress conservative, yet sexy.
Never look too make-up.
Make sure they are not depressed, this is cute at first but they will be sinking you with them.
Keep your hair and nails clean.
Try to read The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.
Go to film screenings, art auctions, art shows, car shows.
Smell like vanilla, or cookies.
Go to horse races and shows.
To to boat shows.
Make sure to make shinning eye contact, a quick smile and turn away,
If you are at a public event, you can ask the person what they thought of the speaker.
Try not to look stupid by posing for too many selfies and photos of yourself.
If you want someone successful, you need to be successful and working.
Show are unique, go to the Jung center or take a mind-expanding course.
It is easy to meet someone if you are beautiful, so walk like you are.
Someone who loves their parents normally makes a good partner.
Don't be over-picky, s we are all human.
Best wishes, there is no luck, but there is destiny, deliberation, and determination.

The silhouette artwork is wonderful on invitatons and logos.
The best works are done by silhouette artists which you can google, on see on Bing, Yahoo, AOL, or working at events. The computer and wall traced silhouettes are flat, and do not show personality.   You can contact the silhouette artists and have them do invitations, but don't use the simple ones that do them by computer as they will look trite and will be out-of-proportion.  It is best for a skilled former Disney silhouette artist to hand-cut your profile.  Many of the silhouette artists will ship  directly to you.  I work by events, and if hired to do a silhouette for a wedding, event, Bat Mitzvah, business convention store fashion event, Wedding silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose can to send you logo silhouettes of the bride and groom to use for your invitations.  Just go to  If I am not available, I can tell you which woman will do a great job for you.  We even work in the UK and Dubai!