Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire

Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire
Wedding silhouette entertainment!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Silhouettes by Cindi - Silhouettes ARTIST IN New York City NY

Silhouette artist, Cindi Harwood Rose is popular in the New York fashion and wedding world. Her work is art deco, yet edgy, in speed and uniqueness. She can be compared to her contemporary, New York trendy silhouette award-winning illustrator and logo maker, Carter Cutera. Both are pushing the silhouette envelope to incorporate paint and words of wisdom.

Princess Erica Rose on Ellen degeneres! SO FUNNY!

What is a silhouette guru who teaches the art of life, while mastering the profile? For me, it is living in thanks for natural gifts that have been given to me and finding the peace to embrace them and share them with others as a way of life.  These silhouettes I created show the lotus flower and families and friends, relaxing with their minds focused on the "still, small, voice" of knowing. 

 Every gift we are given, can also be a road block, thus we have to be creative and figure out, how can I use this ability or disability, to the betterment of the world?  For me, being born an artist, makes me one bit "spacey, stubborn, free-spirited, grounded, open-minded, giving, silent, content, curious, positive, contemplative, intuitive".  To master life, you must be a yoga of good intention. 
Each feature can be something that can make life's walk or journey complicated, or simple.  I stay focused on the beauty of life.  It can be how a leaf flutters, or a child gives love, the ripple of a sea shell, thrown back into the ocean.  I make sure to get at least "10" goals done per day.  This includes at least some good deeds, impacting another person's life, and not telling anyone that I did something nice.  It is for karma, or my heart to sing.  For a person who is ultra organized and obsessive, such as the surgeon (whom I did marry), they can use this trait in the operating room.  It is a disability when they over think something we have no control over, such as the weather!  If you are born with a physical self that others may think not normal, you can show a beautiful heart, and the lesson will be for others, to not judge.  We all have a skin, we each have energy to "hand-out" when we are in public.  It is best to show kindness no matter what, and to remember, nothing is personal, and when it appears to be, just bless the others and wish them the best.  Silhouette sonnets sung simply in peace and prayer.  Love, Cindi, your silhouette guru and "The silhouette Lady."
Waist training has been the rage, since the days of the silhouette artist's heyday which began in the 1600's and then boomed in the late 1700's to 1800's.  The women had such small waists due to corsets.
Even stars like Jayne Mansfield, and Marilyn Monroe wore corsets in the 1950's.  Today, reality stars and internet (sometimes porn) stars weave a small waist by wearing a corset!  Kym Kardashian and even Caitlyn have sworn that this trims slim greatness.  Be sure to get one with "bones of metal" to trim your mid-section.  You can sleep in this and wear it almost all day.  I tried it for a few weeks, and thought I saw a difference.  I know I will try it again.  When buying one, measure your waist, and go for a size 3 to 4 inches smaller.

For a tight and high bun--- just squeeze those muscles in your "rear" as tight as you can all day long.  You will be shocked that it will rise like bread with yeast.  Squats help too, but never have your knees in front of your torso.  This is a complicated item to remember, so if you have a gym, use the machine that you lay down on, and push your legs out against a weight, many times a day.

Cindi Harwood was the first female body builder featured in Muscle and Fitness Magazine world-wide and was a former TV exercise hostess.  She has modeled in over 200 health magazines.  Now over 50 years young, she still have a similar body.  Your muscles have memory, so if you start young, and don't drink too much alcohol and eat too much white flour and sweets, you can keep your shape a long time.  Always remembering to do shape-forming exercise, best found with small weights and yoga style stretches.

Here are photos of Cindi Harwood, now Cindi Harwood Rose, from her 20's, then at 39, and after 50.  All showing that a healthy lifestyle can help you "beat the clock."

Silhouette Artists for Business Conventions

Do you need to have people circulate around your convention booth, and linger in awe?  Would you like a constant reminder of your company and products without
having to do it yourself?  Do you want more sales?

Would you like your fashion store to attract more clients and to improve your merchandise sales?

Silhouette artist, Cindi Harwood Rose, can work at your business convention, boutique and create beautiful hand-cut accurate portraits in a minute per person.  She formally was a TV actress, and commercial actress, while always being a silhouette artist.  Her personality can attract customers to your venue, while her art will leave a lasting keepsake, hung on the walls, treasured forever.  You can even print the cardstock with your logo and a sales message on the back.  Cindi can memorize a script about your product to inform customers that her details to profile equals your details to happy clients.

What a wonderful way to market your business and to have an exciting booth, having large attraction, and extra sales and customers. www//

Silhouette Skin Care Natural Secrets
Honey Molasses Hair Pack

As a busy silhouette artist, philanthropist, wife, mother, friend, sister, medical spa owner, I have to have some quick-as-a-flash natural beauty secrets. I do own a medical spa, and there are machines to make one more beautiful, but there are natural ways too.

In this wide-rimmed blog, I will take the word silhouette to mean the space that anything occupies, the outline around it.  Thus, there are silhouette beauty secrets for me to share.
Massage black strap organic molasses into your hair (if it is dry) and cover with a plastic shower cap.  Leave on 20 minutes.  If you want your hair lighter substitute honey.  I would use around 4 oz.

Hair growth secret!
I was in Mexico and met someone with wonderful hair.  She shared her family secret.  She rubs jalapenos (crushed in the food processor with seeds and mixed with t tbs. water) into the hair nightly.  This stimulates hair growth for men and women.  Ginger is supposed to do this as well, if you can extract the juice, and rub that into your scalp.  Also massaging the head helps hair growth. 

Dandruff or dry scalp remover

Mix 1/2 TBS.of apple cider vinegar with 4 oz. of water.  Put this in a glass bottle.  Pour on your head in the shower (hold your nose).  Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo. Leave on for 3 minutes, then use your favorite conditioner and your smell will go away, and so will the dry scalp!  If you want you can always add a little vanilla extract to the first formula to do some smell control.

More beauty secrets later.  Silhouette songs to you of love that is not lost.