Famous silhouette artist Cindi carves paper profile heirlooms

Famous silhouette artist Cindi carves paper profile heirlooms
Wedding silhouette entertainment!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

New Year's Resolutions for your mental and physical silhouette!
Silhouette artist Cindi Rose's silhouette answers of life!

A for Aromatherapy, a 5 thousand year old-science, stay energized with mint!
B for Brains, books were built to build knowledge with.
C is for caring, try to think of helping one person or animal a day!
D is dare yourself, to be quiet when you feel like being angry, wait 3 days for plan 2.
E is for the earth.  Please be kind, don't polute, recycle.
F is for feelings, be mindful of your words towards others feelings
G is for G-d, call HIM the Almighty, but call him daily and find HE is there.
H is for hugs, try to hug more, and hug yourself for me!
I is for "I am".  Be true to yourelf, but don't harm others and be self-centered.
J is for juice.  Try drinking fresh squeezed organic juice at least 3 times a week.
K is for Karma, be kind, even it it kills you, kiss your karma daily.
L is for laughter.  You have to LOVE the people who laugh easily, love and laugh.
M is for mothers, really mother yourself, others, and thank-your mom, for all lessons learned.
N is for NADA. From the void, G-d created the universe, erase your anger, and fill it with love.
O is for Organ-isms Your mind is your largest organ, have organ-isms with exercising it.
P is for prayers.  Get on your knees and sway with words of thanks and love, then ask.
Q is for questions. Remember, you learn answers by asking questions, try it more.
R is for rest. Get your 7 to 8 hours sleep, it is an investment in life.
S is for silence.  Go to a quiet place and meditate on the leaf, ocean wave, and silent sounds.
T is for trying.  Try something new that you can handle, that was on your bucket list.
U is for the universe.  Try to eat organic and cage-free animals and eggs, think humanity.
V is for vitamins.  Just take the few you need, don't over-do it, get your nutirition from nature.
W is for wishes, wish and then add action to it, but only for the good of the world.
X is for X-ray. Get your mammograms every year and one half, after 40.
Y is for yes, say yes to all things you doubt you can do, do your best for the betterment.
Z is for ZEST!  Add flavor to your meals, life, and to others.

My resolutions are the things that make me so infatuated with the art of silhouette cutting, an art that discovered me when I was a teenager.  Prior to that, my shy self remembers always sketching and drawing, and spending hours of joy with my mother, painting, sketching, doing clay and art projects. The silhouette artists have a natural ability to see beyond 3 D, they can see into the soul.  There are few of them around (perhaps 18 to 28) in the world, and they are known to know physiognomy, the science of people reading by feature.  Not that one should do that, as that is a form of prejudice, but we do get a feeling about others, or an instinct.  For me with this rare art, I can go into my Zen state, blank out all the world, but you, or the subject I will portrait with scissors, erasing my mind of patter and negative thoughts, reaching zen, saying yes, to love, and s for silence of listening to you, tell me about you. It brings laughter, is my karma, my prayer answered before asked.  It came from void to creation.  The art is so unique, and those who have mastered hand-cut paper silhouette cutting (and not those who have to sketch it first or trace it or photograph or computer photo shop it) go to another level to create your profile, or the master paper pieces.  They all get a third eye.  It is an A to Z for life, for that I am a silhouetteguru, and so are my fellow silhouette artists, the silhouette artist, the silhouette art, thanks and blessings.  Cindi Harwood Rose, silhouette artist.