Famous silhouette artist Cindi carves paper profile heirlooms

Famous silhouette artist Cindi carves paper profile heirlooms
Wedding silhouette entertainment!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

"Boston" Ben Harwood Rose hailed as hero after stopping violent passenge...

How to Rock Paper & Scissors with Cindi (C-Rae) Rose - Silhouette Art Rap!

Museum Silhouettes by Cindi H. Rose

Fine art museums collect heirloom silhouettes.  Here the artist, Cindi Rose,
uses her hand-cut silhouettes alongside a model to make a magic silhouette
setting.  Watch the video and go inside a silhouette artist's mind with a photo

Silhouette Artist Cindi

Framing your silhouettes!
A home is more unique with collections of frames purchased
or discovered in various locations. You don't have to matchy-match.
In this darling video on YouTube with Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose,
we see a varied collection of silhouettes and frames.  Some are vintage,
some are new, some antique.  

Monday, December 22, 2014

Great wedding ideas!

Chronicle your love and marriage journey in a diary!
Decide your budget
Pick your venue
Confirm unique entertainment--
Ask yourself band or DJ or both
Photobooth's are fun, but outdated, try a silhouette artist such as SilhouettesbyCindi.com
Keep a theme
Brand a logo
Choose your wedding party
Decide on the invitations, save the date cards, napkins, thank-you notes.
You can use a silhouette artist to help with your theme
Make a gallery of family heirloom pictures
Hand-make your bouquet with keepsake jewels
Remember love is what counts, not the party
Think of the honeymoon, where will you really relax and bond
Don't break the bank, no one has ever wished they spent more on a wedding
Decide real friends vs. social connections to invite to events.
Limit your showers to one for each person invited.
An engagement party is fine as long as all invited to party are also invited to the wedding. 
Decide colors of room, your dress, hair-styles. Enjoy these great wedding photo ideas from real weddings with Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose, who decorated the room with silhouettes and cake toppers.  At the weddings silhouette hand-cut fine artist Cindi Harwood Rose did two silhouettes, one for each guest and one for a guest book that was given to the bride and groom.
Another wonderful idea is to have a portrait painted of the bride and groom at the wedding for all to watch and for it to be gifted to the bride and groom to cherish forever!  For more ideas, please check your local bridal publications, for where you can get the best cake, photographer, video artist, and florist!

Cindi Rose Silhouettes for Survivors

This is a story about giving and receiving.  You get more in life if you have
a generous heart.  This is a touching story of a silhouette artist who gives
to others and uses her talents to help others. 

Cindi Rose Snips Silhouettes for Breast Cancer Survivors

Toy stores, children's stores, schools, churches, are wonderful places to
have silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose make money for you, while
entertaining others and giving a lasting keepsake.  Contact her from
silhouettesbycindi.com   Have scissors will travel! 

Cindi Silhouettes hand cut profiles in New York

How to cut a paper silhouette

cindi rose silhouettes .mov

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Staying silhouette slim!

 Staying Silhouette Slim
by SilhouettesbyCindi.com 
The Silhouette Guru, Cindi Rae Rose

The art of the word silhouette has so many meanings, here it is your naked shape.

We are always in search of how to keep that silhouette slim!

The best is "awareful eating".  Call it carb counting, calorie counting, not over-eating, choosing more fresh and raw foods, and drinking plenty of water.

Diet sounds like dying, it is not a sexy word.  Silhouette is sultry, seductive, form fitting, with the idea of the form under the form-- slim, not lumpy, and the lovely attire that can easily go over your body and be slipped into.

Here are silhouette slim secrets by the SilhouetteGuru,

Begin your shedding of body heaviness, from shedding old memories, sad memories.  Toss them away.  Say to yourself, "I am shapely, and lovely, I will not allow gluttony to add to my frame."
When you eat, eat for joy of nature, to add nourishment to your body where the temple your soul resides in.
Eat as much organic, fresh, raw.  Limit your fruits to two a day, juiced or eaten whole.  Do not worry about the raw vegetables, try to include sprouts for protein.  Think about keeping to a 1200 to 1400 a day calorie in-take.  If you indulge in meats, try to eat only those that have not been persecuted with added hormones.  The hormones actually bloat you, just like they did the creatures of nature.

Mindful eating.  Savor the bites with thankfullness.
Bless your food and ask the Almighty to nourish you with the abundance of plenty you will consume.  If you eat nuts and seeds, rinse and soak them for 10 minutes and drain, to enliven them and add more energy to you.

If you have no will-power, and have some means of support, try to go to a natural foods raw foods retreat.  If you have a critical illness, often they will award you a scholarship.  You can also begin your fast at WeCare or Deer Lodge and Spa, there are other unique places such as Anne Wigmore in Peru. . .these are costly, but a great way to jump-start your silhouette slim self.

As you remove your baggage and extra weight, your shinny self will emerge, your inner silhouette guru.
It is also wonderful to offer prayers of thanks to the bountiful foods that grow on the earth, and to fill ourselves with their life. . . becoming our most beautiful silhouette of light and love.