Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire

Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire
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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Being a super power-house woman and home-maker for Thanksgiving to baby showers!

You go girl!
It does not matter girlfriend, if you work on Wall Street or No street, you can always
use your creativity to make every moment special. Gifts of the heart are the most precious
of all.  That being said, I have posted two photos of creative DIY ideas.  The first is a great way
to decorate and make Thanksgiving beautiful and thankful.  In the top photo, silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose presents an organic turkey to her family with centerpieces made from craft shop flowers torn apart and glued on napkin rings.  Bowls of bountiful fruit are on the tables with cute
Thanksgiving themed pieces bought at Tuesday Morning nearly a year before the magazine shoot.
That is the best time to get themed items for decorations and to store them to make a smart table.
Side dishes included a tofurky made with ginger, soy, and sesame, fresh green beans with tomatoes and onions simmered in water and oil, pumpkin/carrot soup, sliced oranges with cinnamon and rose water, brown rice with truffle oil, a fresh salad, chopped kale salad with cranberries and pine nuts, tossed with olive oil and apple cider vinegar. . . and more and more!

Diaper cake for baby gift topped with Madam Alexander Doll.  This is not so difficult, it takes a pie pan and rubber bands, ribbons and cute gifts.  Go on line and read tutorials and make your own.  I actually went on a diaper cake rage and made about 6 for different friends little babies, and now, am over it.  However, it was a smashing hit each time.  The great part is giving them little t-shirts, socks, banks, baby books, and things the mom and dad really can use.  Blow this photo up and peek at what is there.  I also put nice scrapbooking decorations all around it and used the ribbons to cover up the rubber bands that held the diapers together.  I think home-made gifts (with good things in them) are always appreciated.  I can tell you, that creating also is a good way to not worry about silly things, and to go into your zin-happy guru safe place of love.  Love to you for your heartfelt gifts to the world.  Love, Silhouette Cindi!

Cucumber eye pack Green Tea and Lipton Tea Baggy eye removers!
Cucumbers are known to reduce baggy eyes, just like the potato is!
So, is the caffine tea bag (wet), green tea or Lipton's tea bags!
Regardless, all these methods require spritzing the eye area first.
Lying down with either the cucumber, potato slice, or wet tea bag on your eyes for 10 minutes.
You will see a difference, right away!
You will also see the red in your whites go away with the caffine in the tea bags!
It will give your eyes energy!
Marilyn Monroe was known to use cucumber eye masks for her lovely sparkling eyes!
Especially with her many hang-overs since we know she loved her bubbly!

Beauty Eye Treatment

Raw potato slices help your puffy eyes.  You need a potato and a knife!
Slice 6 very thin potato slices.
Spritz the eye area with purified water.
Lying down, place the slices on your lids and bags.
Leave this for at least 10 minutes for best results!
 Here is a photo after a potato treatment (now with make-up) of me, over 50 years old.
My glowing skin is from Bentonite clay masks, which I will tell you about later!
A good night's sleep always helps too.
Good night, from your Silhouette Guru, lover of the light.