Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire

Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire
Wedding silhouette entertainment!

Friday, August 21, 2015

The ABC's of the Smartest Wedding!
Planning a wedding? Hire a renown silhouette artist!  

A is for  an agreement of what you and your significant partner expects, and it is for Appreciation.  You better appreciate your partner and their goals, and they better appreciate yours, if not, I would say A is for Adios!  You do not need to start an agreement with someone who does not support who you are! A is for action.  Make a list, you need to think about who will marry you (priest, rabbi, judge, friend), where you will have the ceremony, the reception. What is the theme?  How many people do you want? Where is the venue? Do you want a band or DJ?  Seated dinner, buffet? Outdoors or indoors? A is for annoying, which you can become-- don't.  Keep your bridezilla and groomzilla Attitude to be about gratitude.

B is for Brides and Besties.  Please remember the good people who really love you, and not make your wedding or marriage about social climbing.  B is not for Bad girl, or Bad Boy.  Don't be one of those.  Be Beautiful, inside and out.  B is for beauty, make sure that either you can make yourself beautiful on your wedding day, or you have hired professionals.  On my wedding day, I did my own hair, make-up, borrowed the dress, but told myself, that it was my wedding day and all Brides are beautiful, if they shine inside and out.  B is for Brides.  B is for borrow.  Borrow from your friends or family, what you don't have.  Even if it is your grandmother's watch, or that necklace of your mom's that is so dear to you. B is for bouquet.  Plan something special on your bridal bouquet. You can put a little personal jewel on it, or a silhouette pendant (see silhouettesbycindi on Pinterest) for bouquet ideas.  You can even make one from a collection of brooch's.  B can be the beach.  Beach weddings are always fun and easy, breezy.  B is for the book, the guest book.  Remember, you will always enjoy having these kind words and signatures from your guest book, don't forget to get one.

C is for Cindi Silhouettes at your wedding. It is for Caring about all your entertainers, and giving them vendor meals. C is about the cake!  Everyone really cares about a great tasting and gorgeous cake. C is about control. It is best a wedding planner or your Maid of honor help control the seating chart, the decorations, the invitations, the RSVPs.  It is for Champagne toasts. C is for award winning silhouettest, Cindi Harwood Rose coming to your wedding, and doing the greatest silhouette art of all your guests as gifts for them to Cherish. C is for cherishing your hand-cut profile silhouettes as entertainment at your wedding, and as decorations.  C is for creative.  Be creative about your wedding day and your wedding night, and your honeymoon!  It is about cash.  If you can tip special service people such as the waiters, the servers, and carry cash on hand, it is a smart move.  it is nice. C is for camera.  Your photographer is a must, you may want a photo booth, you may want a video. C is for cute. Everyone loves to see cute flower girls and ring bearers at your reception.  C is for courage. C is for charm. C is for candy.  Everyone loves a candy bar (especially your dentist) out as dessert besides the cake.