Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire

Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire
Wedding silhouette entertainment!

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Global Diversity of Silhouettes

This is a boring title, however, the message is that silhouette art history and silhouettes are for anyone, anywhere, and popular world-wide. Paper cut profiles and scenes are part of many religions, and cultures beginning, in caves (but that is really an etching) and Grecian urns (more of an ink-style, clay baked black and white drawing) to the Chinese paper-cuttings (we are getting closer to the real idea of a paper cutting of a likeness). Keep in my mind that this writer (Cindi Rose) has hand-cut scenes and faces since she (me) was less than 10 digits (8 years old). Silhouette as paper profiles is a French, English art. That is the art of the portrait hand-cut from paper, and around 400 plus years old. The art of live silhouetting has and is popular as wedding entertainment. The artists call themselves silhouette artist, silhouettests, paper portrait artists, paper profilists, and cut art specialists.

Silhouette Artist Cindi

If you are wondering how one becomes a real silhouette artist, this can be a cute tutorial!  I lined up silhouettes on my steps, and you can see in the photos that great silhouettes have interior cut-outs.  The white lines are all snips of paper.  Please look for this extra skill when you research an area silhouette artist who has traveled to a store near you.  If the work does not show the interior cut-outs, or groupings, then the artist most likely has not totally mastered the work.  The price is not high, and it will still be a treasure, it should never limit your hand-cut profile journey, of having as many real silhouette artists hand-cut you or your loved ones!  Silhouette artist memories of treasured moments to you and yours forever!  Think this as wedding entertainment, great business convention draw, and even NYC fashion week icon style setting!

Silhouette Artists

Here is America VS Europe is seeing who is the fastest silhouette artist.  At this competition, which is filmed for a documentary about silhouette art history and silhouette artist history, Cindi Harwood Rose, the current world's fastest and renown silhouette artist competes with a leading artist from Europe, Charles Burns, the roving artist  The event was complicated to execute, and by ticket counts Cindi Harwood Rose won.  However, Charles and Cindi both felt that they each had done around 9 or 10 more than what was counted.  This makes Cindi still the reigning champ, or that they are tied. Both did amazing silhouette cut profiles and the documentary will be out soon, look for it at film festivals:  Silhouette Secrets!  The nicest part, is that the silhouette proceeds went to benefit The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation.  Please look at  it helps those with cancer to have hope with free reconstruction, support groups, art, food, scholarships, and move 

How to cut a paper silhouette

Silhouette artist tutorial step by step!

Learn about the cameo!

Discover the DIY for silhouette artistry

Find out the many shades of silhouette artists 

Who is the "real deal" silhouette artist

Where did the artistry of hand-cut profiles start?

Where does craft stop and art begin?

Come fly with me, love Cindi, your silhouette guru!

Why are silhouette artists sought after in every-day life? It is an amazing art that gives the artist much gratification. They are gypsy-style spirits who love people, and are gifted, when they do accurate profiles freehand, without a camera, a sketch, or light. Silhouette artists can be seen at historical events in New England, Washington DC, Presidential nomes, children's museums,art galleries, business conventions, holiday parties fairs, nice weddings, Bat Mitzvahs, Bar Mitzvahs, sweet 16 birthday parties, school fundaisers, children's stores, Disneyland and Disneyworld. Silhouette artist Cindi Rose has appeared at all these events except fairs. She is so particular about her artwork, she will not allow cold weather to hurt her dexterity of cutting profiles, or wind or wet air to ruin her accurate works.

Cindi Rose Snips Silhouettes for Breast Cancer Survivors

It was a normal weekday, when the phone rang and a pleasant voice said, "American Profile Magazine has made you into an American
Hero!" After a bit more conversation, the writer (Marti Anton) explained that this national publication that goes to small towns, selected
me since I am a wandering silhouette artist, who does like to work in small cities and towns (and large ones too) to impact lives. That,
is not that unusual, as silhouette artists do like to travel, by car, trailer, plane, or once, horse and buggy. What, she said was different,
is that I donate most of my proceeds to The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation to help cancer survivors. Please see the total story on AOL, and this
video got over 200,000 hits in a week before the magazine realized that is was picked up as a Sunday feature story on AOL! I even got a phone call, or
e-mail from a high school friend who saw it in LA, and another one from a friend in Reston, Va. Nothing came of the story, but the fact that a lovely
photo was taken of my own sister, Holly Harwood Skolkin, who was a cancer survivor. She is not here, but please click on the story on AOL and the video,
and see how wonderful she is, and what we do. Thanks so much!

Here is a photo (and I put it there twice to make sure you note it) of my husband, myself, my beloved sister, Holly, and a cancer survivor who received free reconstruction after a mastectomy from my proceeds from cutting silhouettes at Bering's Home Good Store, in Houston, Texas! Imagine all that!  For more details on silhouette fundraisers to benefit charity please visit my site

Cindi Harwood Rose- Wedding Silhouette Artist Supreme

Silhouette artist at your wedding surely adds joy and a lasting keepsake. Cindi Harwood Rose is happy to travel to you and make
your lovely union special and joyful. Silhouette artistry at weddings can add to the total theme. Use them on your invitations,
silhouette holograms can be filmed on the walls, your silhouette can be a logo on give-away water bottles and mints. Your loving
hand-cut silhouette is beautiful on cookie cutters, table clothes, pendants, napkins, on chair-backs. Cindi Rose cuts silhouettes
in the United States in New York City, Los Angeles,California, Palm Beach,Florida, New York City,New York, Palm Springs,California, Denver and Aspen,
Colorado, Toronto, San Antonio,Houston,Austin, Katy Texas ,Chicago Illinois, Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas, and Austin, Texas.
She is the fastest and most detailed silhouette artist in history. Cindi adores her work and families,and her reviews can be read on
GigMasters where she can be booked for your wedding. Read her bio as the featured artist on the Guild of American Papercutters.

United States of America Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose puts the modern into the classic French art form.

Silhouette artists are not just black and white.

By Georgiana Koester
 Style can separate the average into the sublime. I was struck by the giggly children and patient parents in awe of a model-style, yet, graceful, and wholesome artist of a form I have never seen. I have seen average, and traced, and computer tutorials of silhouettes and really thought them to be minimal. One view of Ms. Cindi Harwood Rose's work and watching her work for around 12 views, made me see this art was really fine art when done by the best. She cut profiles quickly, yet mysteriously asked questions (delighting the children like a pied piper) and then put personality into her work of her subjects, while capturing their features and another level of who they were. All were spell-bound. Her graceful hands, looked like a harpist, or pianist, and yet magic came from them, such as a maestro performing a symphony, but the music was played to the delight of all who watched. Cindi Rose, is not just one of the rare silhouette artists of the world, she may be the top, or supreme silhouette artist. Now, I have gone to little fairs, and some children's stores on the streets of Brooklyn, or in some towns around Washington and Boston and saw some very trite sihouette cuttings, no details, no softness to the faces, or frills, or interior cuts. This shows me that in all areas of art, there is the craftsman, and there is the artist. Cindi Harwood Rose is the true artist, and her work is superb!

Cindi Rose Silhouettes for Survivors

This is inspirational!
Some people are born to use their favorite talents to give back to others, gaining happiness
and sunshine from the delight of others.  Here, a professional woman and philanthropist,  is honored as a "Womenof Distinction" for her many ways of raising money for many non-profits, including donating much of her income to the causes from cutting silhouette portraits.  See  Cindi Harwood Rose's YouTube channel which has silhouette history, silhouettes for weddings, silhouette art in
children's stores and toy stores, silhouettes for non-profits.

Cindi Silhouettes hand cut profiles in New York

WOW how fast and fabulous is this Cindi Rose silhouette artwork in the fashion world!
Here is fashion silhouettes made in New York City, fashion week, in Soho, Madison Avenue, Times Square, Park Avenue by leading, award winning silhouette artist, Cindi Harwood Rose. Note fashion star, Zac Posen, getting his silhouette made by Cindi Rose, wearing posing Posen!

Greatest silhouette artist Cindi for weddings - Classified Ad

Greatest silhouette artist Cindi for weddings - Classified Ad