Famous silhouette artist Cindi carves paper profile heirlooms

Famous silhouette artist Cindi carves paper profile heirlooms
Wedding silhouette entertainment!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Professional Silhouette Artist Cindi Makes Weddings last forever!

If you want to have a unique, classic, fun wedding, with special entertainment and a favor for everyone, hire professional, top silhouettest Cindi Harwood Rose.  She is the world's fastest paper profile artist, and the most noted of this era.  Her work was on BRAVO TV (12 episodes) of Married to Medicine Houston, and she has silhouetted the likes of Presidents and royalty!  Weddings are great with paper profile artist Cindi!

Hire America and Canada's most popular skilled silhouette artist--  Cindi Harwood-Rose! Google has Googled Cindi and hired her for many USA and Canada events.  Cindi can work a small, intimate wedding, event, or party of 40, or a room of 400, in hours!  She looks and directly cuts the portraits from the paper.  After all, this paper artist's mother was an architect, paper-cutter, and portrait artist, so Cindi inherited this unique skill! Silhouette art makes a wonderful wedding!  It takes the wedding cake!

 Miss Cindi has hand-cut portraits for over 35 years, starting with amusement parks as a teen, including the Walt Disney parks.  At weddings she does 2 silhouettes of each guest (often 30 people or more per hour), one for each guest and one for a guest book! Often the entire wedding theme is Cindi Rose's silhouettes!  She is very popular on the East Coast for popular themes such as the Hamilton weddings, or the storybook weddings, such as Alice in Wonderland, or Peter Pan weddings!

 This she gives the bride and groom complimentary, after they have paid her a deposit.  Cindi's silhouette talents have graced Europe and USA, Canada, Dubai, and Japan at weddings and corporate events.  She also loves to do silhouettes for school fundraisers, holiday parties, fashion stores such as SFA, Neiman's, Macy's, Nordstrom's, children's stores, and museum family days. http://www.silhouettesbycindi.com

This gives Cindi the edge of having a very friendly personality that guests love at events (including
business and corporate conferences).  She actually drew and painted portraits since she was a child, later drawing and painting profiles and front face portraits at Disneyland and DisneyWorld, while in college in Austin, at University of Texas.  She would fly to California during the holiday season to give the artists there a break.  She also did her magic art at Astroworld in Texas for the Disney art studios, still named Jess Rubio Arts.

Mr. Rubio, who is no longer alive, was very particular about the artist's skills and at the time he
hired Cindi Harwood, she was a teen!  The Disney team allowed Cindi to work at a young age, since she was a natural artist.  After college at both University of Oklahoma (she won Miss Venus beauty contest, and was a runner-up for Miss OU) and University of Texas, Cindi worked in Florida for DisneyWorld as their premier silhouette artist!

The past two years, she has found Hermes from Beaute International having silhouettes around America and in France, and destination weddings featuring her (instead of a photo booth), in Hawaii, Belize, Cuba, California, DC, Washington, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Mississippi, Alabama, New Jersey, Chicago, Ohio, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Maine, Arizonia, Texas, Colorado, and Canada.

In your color theme, with matching beret, Cindi will make sure all guests are happy, appreciated and flattered with their likeness through her eyes in an authentic silhouette, cut with surgical scissors, in a minute or two, per person!  Just get in-touch with her for your special day to have a wedding that lasts forever, custom-made, for all who attend!