Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire

Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire
Wedding silhouette entertainment!

Monday, August 24, 2015

How to make your own wedding silhouettes for your theme!

Having a wedding? 
Hire a professional silhouette artist or make your own DIY Premier American silhouette artist, Cindi Rose, does lovely silhouettes of guests at weddings! Silhouettes are beautiful for your wedding invitations and can be done in any color!
You can look on the web, and find a silhouette artist to make your invitation. It is a fun touch if you hire one to entertain at the wedding event.  Look at the Guild of Papercutters to see the featured silhouette artist, or where one lives in your area.  Silhouette artists will travel if you book them.  They need not live near you.  Professional silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose will even travel to other countries!
 To make your own wedding silhouettes, take profile photos of one another, or have them made.  Find the color paper you like.  Cut the photo out, carefully.  Draw what you cut out as a stencil on the colored paper you selected.  Use nice barber scissors or embroidery scissors to cut out the shapes.  Mount them, and enjoy!
Authentic silhouette artists in the 20th century normally worked in amusement parks, or World Fairs. Often, even on the streets of Paris. They all can draw portraits, and like history, they learned that cutting a profile of a person, from head to toe, sideways in profile, often can get a quicker, and more satisfying result. Don't be fooled, when done correctly, this art is the hardest fine art to master. That is why we rarely see a real silhouette artist, who does not sketch the work first, use a projector, or light to trace a shadow. The artist can literally draw with scissors. Check out Wikipedia's great article on silhouette artists! Althoug check Peggy McClard antiques to get a wonderful history, there is one on where art historian of silhouettes and Cindi Harwood Rose write an interesting history of silhouette art and history of silhouette artists together. Or, you can get a professional silhouette artist to do one for you, such as the ones I did below. They vary in price to do full-length silhouettes, and are not that expensive.  It is worth it to have the signed original.  You may have a great investment for the future, with the real silhouette artist's signature.  However, the DIY is something to be proud of too, and in that case, sign your own work, and invest in your marriage!