Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire

Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire
Wedding silhouette entertainment!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Waist training has been the rage, since the days of the silhouette artist's heyday which began in the 1600's and then boomed in the late 1700's to 1800's.  The women had such small waists due to corsets.
Even stars like Jayne Mansfield, and Marilyn Monroe wore corsets in the 1950's.  Today, reality stars and internet (sometimes porn) stars weave a small waist by wearing a corset!  Kym Kardashian and even Caitlyn have sworn that this trims slim greatness.  Be sure to get one with "bones of metal" to trim your mid-section.  You can sleep in this and wear it almost all day.  I tried it for a few weeks, and thought I saw a difference.  I know I will try it again.  When buying one, measure your waist, and go for a size 3 to 4 inches smaller.

For a tight and high bun--- just squeeze those muscles in your "rear" as tight as you can all day long.  You will be shocked that it will rise like bread with yeast.  Squats help too, but never have your knees in front of your torso.  This is a complicated item to remember, so if you have a gym, use the machine that you lay down on, and push your legs out against a weight, many times a day.

Cindi Harwood was the first female body builder featured in Muscle and Fitness Magazine world-wide and was a former TV exercise hostess.  She has modeled in over 200 health magazines.  Now over 50 years young, she still have a similar body.  Your muscles have memory, so if you start young, and don't drink too much alcohol and eat too much white flour and sweets, you can keep your shape a long time.  Always remembering to do shape-forming exercise, best found with small weights and yoga style stretches.

Here are photos of Cindi Harwood, now Cindi Harwood Rose, from her 20's, then at 39, and after 50.  All showing that a healthy lifestyle can help you "beat the clock."