Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire

Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire
Wedding silhouette entertainment!

Friday, August 14, 2015

United States of America Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose puts the modern into the classic French art form.

Silhouette artists are not just black and white.

By Georgiana Koester
 Style can separate the average into the sublime. I was struck by the giggly children and patient parents in awe of a model-style, yet, graceful, and wholesome artist of a form I have never seen. I have seen average, and traced, and computer tutorials of silhouettes and really thought them to be minimal. One view of Ms. Cindi Harwood Rose's work and watching her work for around 12 views, made me see this art was really fine art when done by the best. She cut profiles quickly, yet mysteriously asked questions (delighting the children like a pied piper) and then put personality into her work of her subjects, while capturing their features and another level of who they were. All were spell-bound. Her graceful hands, looked like a harpist, or pianist, and yet magic came from them, such as a maestro performing a symphony, but the music was played to the delight of all who watched. Cindi Rose, is not just one of the rare silhouette artists of the world, she may be the top, or supreme silhouette artist. Now, I have gone to little fairs, and some children's stores on the streets of Brooklyn, or in some towns around Washington and Boston and saw some very trite sihouette cuttings, no details, no softness to the faces, or frills, or interior cuts. This shows me that in all areas of art, there is the craftsman, and there is the artist. Cindi Harwood Rose is the true artist, and her work is superb!