Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire

Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist For Hire
Wedding silhouette entertainment!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Best Wedding Entertainment Idea can be silhouette artist such as CindiSilhouettes on Pinterest. You are engaged! Congrats! Will you elope, have a huge wedding, and compile your list?  Such questions will cross your mind" what is your budget, do you want a destination wedding, who is your best man, maid-of-honor, where is the venu, what music do you want-- DJ or band, classical, rock, traditional, cultural?  What is the color theme, and the overall theme? Will there be flowers, how elaborate? Will you put out family photos and make a video? How large? Open bar and/or signature drink? Do you need the wedding planner?
Where do you cut back expenses? Do you want to rent, borrow, your wedding dress and suit, or buy new? What will make your wedding special besides your vows and loves? Will there be a dessert bar, party favors?  Will you make a photo wall of both families photos? What are the gifts to the wedding party?
 Great solution! Just have a silhouette themed wedding. Hire a silhouette artist for your wedding.  A wedding silhouette artist!  For more information, look at silhouettesbycindiblogspot and  Silhouette artist Cindi Rose can profile in paper 2 silhouettes of each guest -- one for each guest and one for a guest book for them to sign and you to keep. Cindi Rose silhouette artist does pre-silhouettes for you to use for your theme. Easily it can be put on water bottles, mints, chocolates, and napkins, even swizzle sticks for signage. This costs the same as a great photo booth, and lasts generations to come. It is more fun than a band, and the guests are entertained. A talented silhouette artist is hard to find. Silhouette artist Cindi Rose can do 30 to 40 detailed silhouettes per minute. If you opt for something else, think harpist or classical duo prior to the wedding during cocktail hour. You can get creative with a wishing wall or Orgami artist. A silhouette artist at your wedding is very cool, and some are very modern, yet classic. Check around, but remember to always love one another and don't fight! Love, Cindi, your silhouette artist guru and life coach to love and happiness.